BlackWater Falls, WV

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Recently, I traveled to Blackwater Falls in the Wild, Wonderful West Virginia. It was very cold the weekend we went. It dropped down into the 40’s at night. During the day it wasn’t as cold and we were able to travel to some scenic overlooks. lindy point
This is Lindy Point a beautiful scenic overlook in the park. It takes a good 15 minute hike on a dirt trail to get here but way worth the trek. The leaves on the trees were starting to bud which gave the fresh green colors.
lindy pointblackwater falls
Here is a long exposure of the falls. It had been raining a few days prior to our visit which caused the massive amounts of water over the falls. blackwater falls
blackwater falls panorama
This last image is a panorama of 10 images stitched together. When the sun peeked throught the clouds a rainbow appeared coming off the falls.

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